How to Prepare for CO-OP + CAREER Fair

By: Caitlin Brison

How to WORK the Career Fair – An approach for everyone, whether you are low-key or EXTRA!

CO-OP + CAREER Fair Spring 2019

Low Key Approach EXTRA Approach

•   Find the list of employers attending on the “Jobs and Careers” App and research the ones of interest.

•   See if they have positions posted so you can research more about the companies ahead of the fair.

•      Create a spreadsheet, categorizing employers into A, B, and C lists.

•      Write down a few questions you might ask them at the fair. Refer to these questions before each conversation.


•   Write, review, and edit your resume.

•   Come to Drop-Ins to make sure it is ready for the Career Fair.

•   Print out 10-20 copies and tuck them in a folder to hand out to employers.

•      Make an appointment with your Co-op + Career Advisor to go over your Resume.

•      Print 10-20 copies and carry them in a professional padfolio.

•      Make your own business cards.


•   The plan is to go, shake hands, meet employers, ask good questions, and hand out resumes.  Go with it!


•      Locate the employer booths on the Fairs App ahead of time and map out your route.

•      Maybe talk to a couple employers on your C list to start before moving on to your first choices!


•   Gather your professional attire.

•   Visit WITwear to borrow any items you may need!


•      Iron, steam, fresh haircut!  Look your best.

•      Also…visit WITwear to borrow any items you need.


•   Build a 30 second pitch and practice it in the mirror so you come across relaxed and professional.

•   Practice a firm handshake.


•      Record yourself and critique yourself.  Be mindful of eye contact, fidgets, and filler (“um, like”).

•      Pitch with a friend and practice your handshakes.


•   Shake employers’ hand and thank them for their time answering your questions and speaking to you.


•   Collect business cards so you can write thank you notes the next day.

•   If they requested your application electronically – email them to let them know you applied.


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TFW you nail the CO-OP + CAREER Fair

Limited time only: CO-OP + CAREER Fair All Day Resume Drop-Ins:  Fri 9/27 & Mon 9/30 in the Library and CO-OPS + CAREERS Office, 10am-4pm.

Make an appointment with your CO-OP + CAREER Advisor: call the front desk at (617) 989 4101 or stop by our office, Wentworth Hall first floor across from Admissions.

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